Monitoring and responding to online customer reviews is a must for building a better reputation for your automotive business. However, it can be a challenge when learning how to respond to your business's reviews. With over 88% of individuals checking online for other's experiences, it is a priority to learn how to navigate this area of your business.

Starting With the Basics

One key factor is to check channels like Foursquare, Google, and Yelp to claim your page and create a profile that will offer prospects for your business. Claiming the site shows you are engaged and present, thus building trust.

Another benefit is, if you own or run any commercial real estate, it allows you to add in marketing options like photos or promotions.  

Welcome the Reviews

Any business owner does not want to see negative reviews about their business, leading to a lower rating equalling fewer customers. Individuals' online experiences are the main source for future decisions for other people choosing the businesses they work with. What this means is you want as many high-quality positive reviews as possible.

Whether the business is a car wash listing or dog boarding center, building an approving impression will create higher ranks for your SEO, in turn increasing your website traffic and customer base.

How Do You Respond?

There are several ways to address any reviews left, particularly with negative experiences. Here are some tips for responding to individuals.

Take in what is being reported

Every review is important, so it is imperative to be open to customers' issues and acknowledge their experiences. Responding with compassion and openness might help create an improvement for your business.

Offer personal contact

If you can create a conversation with an upset customer, offering a personalized meeting over the phone or via email is recommended to resolve the issue. This may help change their experience and their review.

Keep up on the reviews

To avoid any surprises, checking all your platforms regularly is recommended.

Leave no review unattended

You want to make sure you respond to any customer reviews regardless of the status and always thank them for their feedback.

Get updates

Always check back after working through any issues and ask if they can update their review.

Other considerations

Don't pressure any customers to leave a review, and if you do ask, time is after the transaction. If a negative review is left, remain calm and try to resolve it professionally.

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