With more than 55,000 car washes and auto detailing businesses in the U.S., it takes work for your car wash to stand out from competitors. But with a bit of creativity and strategic promotion, you can increase your customer base and grow your name as a trusted source.

Finding resources that will bring more attention to your automotive business is dependent on products and promotion, so here are some suggestions!

Offering Seasonal Promotions

Depending on your location, it may be challenging to offer a discount or promotion due to weather issues. Gift cards or seasonal advertising can encourage regular customers to make a purchase and entice new buyers to your car wash.

Loyalty Points

A common practice with businesses is offering loyalty points or cards that act as a reward system to encourage repeat customers. The system can also help bring awareness to your company and show customer appreciation.

Having a Local Fundraiser

Fundraisers are a great way to boost your presence within a community. Opening up your facility and allowing a local school or group to run an event can increase your notoriety and show your value system, which will reflect your business long-term.

Improving on Your Facilities

Part of getting individuals to buy your car washes involves keeping your business in the highest quality condition you can. If you have made changes, offering a free or discounted service will help promote your improvements, leading to happier customers.


Other options can include things like advertising through the media. Utilizing sources like television, social media, and radio are effective ways to let individuals know that you sell car washes at a discount price.

Clean Visibility

Part of getting your facility noticed is having good visibility and easy accessibility when they pull into your parking lot.

You can provide signage that is easy to read and a welcoming and easy to access entrance that provides specific directions. This gesture helps remove confusion for new customers on the facilities equipment, which promotes ease of returning.


These are a good option, and you can use them in a few events, such as:

●        There is a new competitor

●        You have a new product to offer

●        You are new and want to encourage individuals to buy car washes

We recommend using a service deal with a complimentary wash instead of a discounted rate, so your value does not look diminished.

Creating a Company That Customers Love

One of the most significant components of a successful business is offering value and the highest quality products on the market. If you are looking to sell or buy an automotive business, AutoCenter Sales is here to help!

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