Most people who need auto repairs, new tires, or an oil change don’t think about which automotive business they’ll get their service from until the need arises. And when that time comes, you want consumers to think of your business first. How do you achieve that?

One of the most important things you can do is build a strong online reputation for your auto shop. According to consumer surveys, over 20% of prospective customers find their auto repair shop through an internet search. Having a healthy online reputation, helps your business show up at the top of that search.

Here are four simple and effective ways to build a better online reputation for your auto business.

Claim and Verify Your Auto Shop on Google My Business

Did you know that almost 30% of online searches for nearby businesses result in a customer purchasing something? That’s why having your business listed on Google is so important! If you haven’t already done this, take a few minutes to set up and claim your auto shop on Google My Business (which is free!). It’s a quick and simple process and will help ensure customers can find you online when they’re looking for service.

Monitor and Respond to All Online Customer Reviews

Monitoring and responding to every online review — not just the good ones — demonstrates a commitment to providing excellent customer service and differentiates you from competitors. Perhaps more importantly, it also shows both current and prospective customers that if any issues arise, you’re willing and able to handle them promptly.

Since many people will browse those reviews before coming to your auto shop, show them you’re willing to do whatever is necessary (within reason) to satisfy them. If you’re short on reviews currently, bolstering your volume is simple: just ask for them!

Before each customer leaves, inquire if they’d be willing to talk about their experience online and share a brief review. To encourage follow-through, you might even consider offering a small incentive in exchange.

If you ever choose to sell your auto shop, having a long track record of positive reviews can be a strong selling point.

Post Professional Photos and Videos

Sharing high-quality photos of your business that communicate the level of service you and your staff provide helps build trust with people who search online. People want to see what they can expect when they visit your shop, and professional photos and videos allow them to do that.

You may want to consider hiring a professional team to do a quick shoot to be sure your photos and videos are as high quality as possible and capture the most important aspects of your business that customers want to see. Once you have your visual media, you can:

●        Add it to your Google Business page so people can familiarize themselves with your shop when they search for nearby automotive businesses

●        Use it on your website

●        Post it on social media to help engage with your audience

When the time comes to sell your auto shop, professional photos and videos will also help build prospective buyers’ confidence. Just as photo and video play a central role in attracting prospective buyers to residential properties, they can play a big role in enticing business buyers too.

Ensure Your Auto Shop’s Branding Is Consistent Across All Digital Channels

When customers encounter your auto shop online, they should have a consistent experience. The more consistent it is, the more easily people will recognize your business. Whether they’re seeing your auto shop on Google, browsing your social media pages, or reading an email from you, they should see clear messaging that aligns with the way you want your business to be perceived.

Communicating a clear brand promise and staying consistent with your online interactions helps build trust with consumers by demonstrating your service is reliable. Dependability goes a long way when people are searching for a new auto shop to bring their business to.

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