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The Role of Business Brokers in Selling Oil Change Businesses

If you have been considering selling your oil change business, a business broker can make the process easier.

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Understanding the Franchise Model in the Oil Change Industry

Having the right business strategy can make all the difference. Learn more about the franchise model and how it pertains to the oil change industry.

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Marketing Strategies for Newly Acquired Oil Change Businesses

Have you started a new venture with an oil change business? Check out five successful marketing strategies to help your company stand out!

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How To Accurately Value Your Oil Change Business For Sale

If you're planning on selling your oil change business, understanding how to value it accurately is critical. The auto center sales team is here to explain factors and some common mistakes to avoid.

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Minimizing the Risk in an Acquisition

In minimizing the risk in an acquisition, the investor needs to simultaneously understand the value of the purchase while contemplating disruptions that could cause the acquisition to fail.

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How to Manage Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) in Your Business

Managing the cost of goods in your business will help you save money while increasing your bottom line. AutoCenter Sales offers auto body shop real estate services.

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Your Automotive Business in the First 90 Days

To be successful in the first 90 days after your auto center business acquisition, develop strategies to reach your goals. AutoCenter Sales provides brokerage services for auto center buyers and sellers.

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Automotive Service Trends 2024: Staying Ahead of the Curve to Stay Profitable

New trends are poised to disrupt the automotive service and repair industry in 2024 and beyond. Click to learn about these trends and tips for preparing your auto shop to meet shifting vehicle service demands.

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When Is the Best Time of Year to Buy an Automotive Business?

If you've been considering purchasing an automotive business, maximizing your chances starts by evaluating your timing, so let's look at the best time of year to buy one.

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Predicting 2024 Automotive Trends

What will 2024 bring for the automotive industry? The experts at AutoCenter Sales predict next year’s automotive trends.

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Let Our Clients Speak for Us!

Check out the ACS reviews left by our clientele.

Mike has been instrumental in helping me successfully complete 4 transactions (both buying and selling) over the last 15 years. His expertise in getting deals done is second to none. If you are contemplating a transaction in the auto service sector I can unconditionally recommend Mike and his team.

Bill D.

Over my over fifty year career, I have had the privilege of working with many other brokers, but I have to say that I have not worked with a more professional and diligent person. Joe handled every aspect and obstacle that presented itself throughout the sales process as a consummate professional.

Tim E.

Jason was a huge help with my transaction! As a first time buyer, I had a lot of extra questions and concerns and Jason was fantastic in answering my questions as well as explaining everything in detail. On top of that, he communicated everything in an effective manner and I never once felt like I was in the dark. I will only use Jason for everything transaction moving forward and would recommend him to anyone looking to get into the automotive business.