AutoCenter SalesBuying Process

Buying Process

Are you ready to take the leap in buying an automotive business? Take control of your own future, learn how to work for yourself, and ultimately take advantage of your skills and abilities with an existing automotive business. Our brokerage experts have the capability to identify and target automotive repair businesses on the market anywhere in the country that match your buying criteria.

AutoCenter Sales typically handles both the buying and selling details in a majority of our auto center transactions, so you can rest assured nothing will be missed throughout the process.

Our Buying Process

We understand buying a business can seem complex and time-consuming. Our team of experienced automotive business brokers has the knowledge and resources to make your experience as rewarding and efficient as possible. Our buying a car wash or buying an automotive business process includes these four major steps:

  • Step 1: Exploring your Opportunities. After signing a confidentiality agreement, you will meet with a member of our team to discuss your buying objectives. Once we better understand your goals and needs, we can share with you the best opportunities suited for your criteria for buying a car wash or automotive business.
  • Step 2: Moving Forward. We will assist you with submitting a reasonable offer on a business. We will then take care of important buying and selling aspects such as reviewing leases, contracts, legal agreements and more. No matter the process length, your AutoCenter Sales representative will work with you every step of the way to ensure a thorough and complete transaction.
  • Step 3: Transaction Closing and Support. Once you confirm all due diligence has been met, you (the buyer), the seller, and your AutoCenter Sales broker will meet to sign the final documents and transfer any final expenses. Following the transaction closing, we will help assist you with ongoing support as you begin to transfer into your new role.

Within these steps come more in-depth process and details that need to be completed. Rest assured, our team will support you by handling challenging tasks, including:

  1. Buyer Confidentiality
    Before the process even begins, you and your AutoCenter Sales broker will sign a buyer confidentiality agreement, detailing that all personal details and identities will remain confidential within our company. During the buying process, you will have some contact with confidential information of the seller, meaning you will be required to keep his/her confidentiality as well. Confidentiality is important because competitors could use a person’s personal information to their advantages.
  2. Negotiation and Deal Structure
    For a seamless automotive business transaction, the deal must make sense to all parties involved, which include the buyer, seller, lender, and franchisor (if applicable). Each party will have various expectations that must be met for the process to work smoothly, therefore AutoCenter Sales experts will work hard to encourage and assist in the structure of purchase agreements with protections for both the car wash or automotive business buyer and seller alike.
  3. Securing and Obtaining Financing
    Financing your automotive business or car wash can be a breeze with AutoCenter Sales. Our team has long-standing relationships with many Small Business Administration (SBA) lenders, many major banks, and various regional/local banks across the U.S. We understand how important financing is, therefore, we strive to assist the buyer of your business with obtaining adequate financing that meets his/her needs and expectations to ensure the transaction is successful.

It’s Time to Buy

If you’re ready to discuss buying an automotive business or car wash, contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation. And if you would like access to immediate auto centers on the market or car washes for sale, fill out our Priority Buyer form today! We look forward to assisting in the purchase of your business!

Let Our Clients Speak for Us!

Check out the ACS reviews left by our clientele.

Mike has been instrumental in helping me successfully complete 4 transactions (both buying and selling) over the last 15 years. His expertise in getting deals done is second to none. If you are contemplating a transaction in the auto service sector I can unconditionally recommend Mike and his team.

Bill D.

Over my over fifty year career, I have had the privilege of working with many other brokers, but I have to say that I have not worked with a more professional and diligent person. Joe handled every aspect and obstacle that presented itself throughout the sales process as a consummate professional.

Tim E.

Jason was a huge help with my transaction! As a first time buyer, I had a lot of extra questions and concerns and Jason was fantastic in answering my questions as well as explaining everything in detail. On top of that, he communicated everything in an effective manner and I never once felt like I was in the dark. I will only use Jason for everything transaction moving forward and would recommend him to anyone looking to get into the automotive business.