Social media has grown to more than just connecting with friends over experiences or what they had for their last meal. It has become an environment that has strategically placed advertisements to help draw in audiences and gain leads, making it much more vital to incorporate for your commercial real estate. Having a website isn't enough, so here are some options to help advertise your business on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn.

1. Authentic Media

Customers want to know that the businesses they are working with are not only professional but legitimate. Part of providing this is to offer authentic images of your company through content that can consist of before and after photos of filthy vehicles. You might also consider offering a short video that highlights different aspects of your car wash so people understand their options.

2. Include the Audience

Customers love getting a great deal, so offering promotions with discounts on specific days or after a certain number of uses is another option. Another idea would be to create events or contests that can involve customers' vehicles being cleaned at the car wash then entered into a drawing.

It's also good to make sure that you encourage honest reviews of your customers’ experiences. Most consumers decide which businesses they will visit based on others’ input, so finding ways to get customers to leave a rating can be beneficial.

3. Make Your Brand Stand Out

You want your business to stand out, so customers think of your company when they see specific images. Creating visually stunning signage with car wash listings in clear branding and logos can help people remember what you have to offer. If you have highlights or areas your business is more experienced in, it can help set you apart from your competitors and create return customers.

4. Stay Personable

One of the most significant selling points for customers can simply be feeling a connection to a business. It can be good to avoid going straight into sales pitches but instead offer a sense of authenticity so the consumers know they are working with a company that understands the struggles that they're going through.

In addition to this, it's highly beneficial to make sure that you are keeping up on any information regularly. This could mean posting events or discounts with the business; as they are helpful and engaging for the consumers.

AutoCenter Sales Knows Car Wash Businesses

Finding ways to utilize social media can help boost your rankings in Google and create future customers. AutoCenter Sales was started over 25 years ago and specializes in the selling automotive business process. We are based in Eden Prairie but have multiple connections across the United States, leading to a greater variety of options to choose from when looking for commercial properties for sale.

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