If you know you plan to sell your auto shop sometime in the near future, one of the best things you can do before you list it is improve your marketing. Boosting your reach will help draw in more customers, effectively increasing the business’s profitability and allowing you to command a higher asking price when you sell.


Not sure what you need to do? Below, the automotive business brokers at AutoCenter Sales share effective ways to improve your marketing before you sell your automotive business.


Get Customer Reviews to Build Trust in Your Services

Now more than ever, your prospective customers use the internet to find information about local automotive businesses. And one of the critical factors those prospects consider is whether the business has online reviews and what previous customers have to say.


Each time you serve a customer, ask that person to post a Google or Yelp review detailing their experience at your shop (train your staff to do this too). You can even offer an incentive for posting reviews, such as a certain percentage off the customer’s next service or something of that nature. In addition to Google and Yelp reviews, it’s also a good idea to post reviews in the following places:


●        Your business website

●        Social media pages

●        Local ads if you use them


If you’re unsure how to manage reviews and respond to customers, consider bringing on a marketing expert to help. Recent marketing surveys confirm the importance of having solid reviews for any business: 93% of survey respondents said customer reviews influence their purchase decisions.


Implement a Referral Rewards Program

Creating a referral rewards program allows you to put your existing customer base to work for you. Since your loyal customers are no doubt satisfied with your service, they’re likely to recommend your auto shop to people in their network.


Let your existing customers know that when they refer someone new, they’ll receive certain benefits, like service discounts and little freebies. You can market this program in store with minimal cost (save for the discount or freebie you provide).

Create a Blog and Build Out Your Website

Blogging can take some time to get results, but in the long-term, it can be worth it if you do it right. A good blog not only offers prospective customers valuable information, but it also establishes you as an authority in your space. Moreover, with the right approach, a well-written blog can help improve your search rankings online.


A well-designed and maintained website is a valuable asset when it comes to time to sell your automotive business, so take the time to build it out or hire professionals to do it for you. Keep in mind that when it comes to search rankings, there are many moving parts, which change constantly based on algorithm updates. Hiring professionals to handle your website will ensure it remains up to date and contains the components necessary to rank well.


Use Online Advertising

If you’re not already running online ads or paid search, it’s time to seriously consider implementing these marketing tactics. With the amount of time consumers spend online these days, they’re more likely to see online ads than those posted elsewhere.


If you’re unsure how to implement online advertising, you’re not alone. It can be a tricky process to undertake and manage, which is why most small businesses bring on professional assistance.


Curious how else you can improve your auto shop marketing before you sell? Consider working with an automotive business broker who can help. An experienced business broker will have an extensive network of professionals and resources they can refer you to, so you can improve your bottom line and get the best deal when you sell. 


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