If you have been considering purchasing an automotive business, you know it's no secret that this industry is not slowing down in popularity. You might wonder if the benefits outweigh the investment required and what kind of commercial properties for sale you want to invest in. 

With a little bit of research, you can narrow down your selection and start streamlining a plan to help you choose the business that is right for you. At AutoCenter Sales, we make educating business owners a focal point of our company.

Here’s why 2023 is a great year to purchase in the automotive industry!

Automotive Services Are Always in Demand

From car washes to tire shops, automotive businesses always seem to have one thing in common: They’re busy! There is simply no limit to the level of demand required by our society. 

And with companies starting to specialize in grocery and food delivery services, this offers a greater foundation for an ongoing need for reliable automotive services.

Maintenance & Repair Ensure Return Customers 

Because most automotive businesses, like car washes, quick lubes, and tire shops, offer maintenance and repair services, they can maintain income no matter the economy. Customers will always need their vehicles serviced, and great business owners do what they can to ensure repeat business for even greater profits. 

Aftermarket parts alone are projected at $341 billion for 2023; There's no doubt that if vehicles are around, there will always be demand for repair and maintenance services.

Advances in Technology Mean New Opportunities 

As technology speeds ahead, online sales are increasing each year. If you own an automotive business, innovation is a really good thing! 

Looking toward the future, we see increasing possibilities to not only create potential leads for your automotive business, but also more opportunities to increase sales in person and online using advanced technology. 

There’s Vast Potential for a Return on Your Equity 

The performance of 2021 shows a $3.4 million profit on auto sales alone, and with the demand growing for used vehicles, these figures can continue in an upward motion. 

It is projected that 2 million new cars will be produced in 2023, and the trend towards electric vehicles alongside autonomous vehicles is taking center stage. This means there will be more variety and more vehicles that offer exceptional features, such as massage seats and advanced air purification systems, to help motivate customers to upgrade.

The Industry Experiences Continuous Enhancements 

In the last 20 years, the automotive industry has changed exponentially; not only due to the high levels of competition, but new trends are emerging and shaping the industry's future. 

One of the biggest shifts is focusing on eco-friendly options, and major dealers like Tesla and Honda are enhancing customers' experience by offering them products that help contribute to a greener way of living. Innovative concepts like self-aware cars and new strategies to help companies be more profitable are constantly being developed. 

All of this means a continuously changing and enhanced industry that can be developed and molded to meet consumers' needs, and 2023 looks like an excellent year to invest.

Why Choose Auto Center Sales to Buy or Sell? 

Knowing which automotive business to invest in is critical. When you need an experienced broker, AutoCenter Sales has been your resource for trusted brokers for over 25 years. When you partner with us, we offer a streamlined process to analyze your options and find companies that are the right match for you. 

Our team can support you with buying or selling, and our industry connections are unmatched, so you understand your options and make an informed choice that you feel confident in.


AutoCenter Sales: Our Commitment to Quality Is a Priority 

As you can see, there are fundamental reasons to invest in the automotive industry in 2023. The results will vary, whether it is a quick lube for sale or some other form of commercial real estate you are interested in, so you want to make sure you choose a company that is right for you.

AutoCenter Sales specializes in commercial properties with over 25 years of experience helping our customers buy or sell businesses. We are connected through multiple companies in the U.S., so we know we can help you find what you want.

If you would like to make an appointment or have any questions, contact us or give us a call today at 800-874-5793.