Electric cars require a different level of advanced technology to help them run efficiently than combustion engine cars, so it may seem like it takes more to maintain and repair them, but this is not the case. For anyone who buys an automotive business based on standard combustion engines, this could be concerning. But the truth is, working with innovations can be beneficial!

To help give you a better understanding, let's take a look at what EV car maintenance is required.

Important Components of an Electric Vehicle

To better understand the repair costs involved with an electric vehicle, it's essential to know how they work. There are four main components electric vehicles have that combustion engines don't.

●        Lithium-ion battery pack for storing the energy

●        Charging port to connect the battery to the charger

●        Regenerative braking system to help recharge the battery

●        Electric transmission and motor to power the drivetrain

Because electric cars don't have an internal combustion engine, they don't have pistons, rods, carburetors, or crankshafts. Instead, they have an electric motor with a single-speed transmission and only a small number of parts inside the engine.

This means a reduction in maintenance costs and the need for further integration for anyone who owns or wants to buy an auto repair shop.

What Needs Regular Maintenance On an EV?

Even with the new components and systems, regular maintenance is still needed for electric cars.

Here are some of the services your automotive business can advertise to attract customers!

Cabin Filter Replacement

This will need to be replaced every 36,000 miles or every few years. The price can range between $60 and $200, depending on the model of the vehicle.

System Flushes

Electric vehicles also have cooling systems, but because of how their engines function, it will not need to be done as often as a combustion engine. The average cost of the coolant system flush can range between $170 and $175, depending on the coolants used and labor rates.

Transmission Fluid Replacement

Some electric vehicles have a powertrain and need this fluid replaced periodically. Depending on the car, the service can range between $150 and $290.

Tire Rotation and Replacement

EV cars also have a lower center of gravity due to the battery pack's location, which can make tires wear down 30% more quickly than on a standard vehicle. Because of this, it is recommended to rotate an EV’s tires every 7,500 miles, and the cost can range between $35 and $100. In addition, because of the increased wear, tires will need to be replaced more often at a cost of $1,000 or more for a full set.

Windshield Wiper Replacement

Wiper blades are usually replaced around every 15,000 miles, with the average cost being between $20 and $50.

EVs Still Make Up a Small Percentage of Cars On the Road

The reality is, even with the increase in electric vehicles, they are still a tiny portion of the total automobile sales. This means that a company that works on internal combustion engines can help increase its clientele by adapting and incorporating the new technological advances that come with electric vehicles combined with traditional methods.

Internal combustion engines are still the primary type of vehicles people choose, and it's clear that the need for services is not dying down anytime soon.

Adapting to the Changes of the Automotive Industry

At the end of the day, customers want to work with companies they can trust; ones that invest in their customers’ investments by offering knowledge and options. That especially applies when it comes to incorporating new inventions and designs.

If you run an automotive business, you already know that. However, demonstrating these things to your customers is another thing, and it’s understandable that business owners are anxious about the future of the industry with so many changes on the horizon. But the mass adoption of EVs will not severely damage your business just because these vehicles don’t require typical maintenance.

As EVs become more prevalent, your brand can thrive by offering the specialized services that luxury electric car owners need and desire.

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