Acquiring an oil change business is a big venture, and to help it grow, you need strategic marketing to keep up with your competitors. You have to find a unique way to engage your audience and retain previous customers through solid branding. 

Setting your business apart starts with using some proven strategies, and the AutoCenter Sales team has laid them out here.

Validate Existing Loyal Customers 

Repeat sales are a foundation for improving and maintaining your business, so always find a way to entice previous customers so they choose you when it's time to change their oil. Adding a discount to the receipt for the next oil change or implementing a loyalty program are great incentives that show you value their business and care about your company.

Take it a step further and throw an event for your loyalty program customers, such as a free workshop on car maintenance. Demonstrating your commitment to serving your community can do a lot to keep local customers coming back. 

Target New Customers With Promos & Freebies

It can be more challenging to attract new customers, especially with all the competition, and it takes a little more marketing to entice them. Running a promotion with discounts is a great starting point, and giving potential customers something right away before they’ve purchased anything from you can help build an image of trust. 

Consider advertising through flyers in the mail that include coupons or giving out free goods like keychains, pens, or koozies branded with your logo. It’s the little things that raise awareness about your business and what you bring to the area. 

Also, never underestimate the power of your storefront's appearance in attracting new customers. Always invest in eye-catching, high-quality signage that's easily seen, and include visually attractive advertisements and discounts to make your business more enticing to passersby.

Stay On Top With Social Media Content

Digital marketing is one of the best methods of reaching people in 2024, so it’s a no-brainer to use social media and your website to target your audience. Make sure your website is easy to navigate and user-friendly so customers can easily access your company's information, whether using a computer or a handheld device. 

Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are powerful tools to promote your company, so do regular updates with specials and educational information through blogs and videos to keep customers informed.

Your potential customers also care about the people behind your shop! Tell them a little about your company story and what keeps you passionate about your business today. A human connection always makes a difference in building a successful business. 

Take Advantage of Search Engines 

Are you familiar with search engine optimization (SEO) practices like using the right keywords on your website? Basically, Google and similar search engines are designed to display results based on which websites offer the most helpful information. 

If the right SEO methods are applied to your website, it’s more likely people will find your company when they're doing an online search for something like “oil changes near me.”

Study Competitors & Find Your Niche

Knowing your competitors will give you an advantage – not so you can copy them, but so you can identify and develop what will make your business unique in comparison. Take time to analyze and gather information like their weaknesses, strengths, and marketing positions. 

Strategically do your competitor analysis through market research and monitoring their online presence to help better identify the industry landscape. This will give you a more objective review of the market for risk mitigation and insight into what potential customers are asking for.

AutoCenter Sales: Experience You Can Trust

Whether you’re new to owning an automotive business or have been around the block, advertising and having the proper branding can make a difference in the success of your new oil change business.

If you're currently looking to sell or buy an automotive business, AutoCenter Sales offers more than 25 years of experience with everything from car washes to tire shops. We use a streamlined analysis process to ensure you are getting the best pricing and opportunity available.