The auto industry is one of the biggest elements of the US economy, and seasonal trends need to be considered if you are getting ready to purchase an automotive business.

Knowing when to invest can help you stay ahead of the game, so the AutoCenter Sales team has some important factors to consider before purchasing.

Automotive Seasonal Trends

The fact is, the automotive industry has definitive seasonal trends with peaks and valleys, and in most cases, sales are lower in colder months like January, February, and early March.

Consumer spending can even be calculated down to specific weekends out of the year to make purchases, and some of the most heavily promoted sales occur on the 4th of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day, and Presidents' Day.

Automotive businesses like part stores or quick lube businesses follow suit and typically have a peak demand during the spring and fall seasons as individuals are coming out of winter or moving into it and preparing for the season.

When Is the Best Time to Make the Purchase?

While the demand for auto repairs, oil changes, and auto parts will be constant throughout the year, based on the trends, in spring, individuals are starting to think more about updates and caring for their vehicles as they prepare for the summer months.

When it comes to fall, there's statistical proof that productivity levels are higher during the season for multiple reasons, including upcoming holidays, going back to work or school from summer break, and some companies pushing for higher year-end results as they move into the fourth quarter, and creating more motivation for outside purchases.

Manufacturers also begin to release new models and components for the next year, and there's less motivation in the colder months to make purchases. Even with discounts and deals, December through February still has a slower trend because the weather influences the consumer's behavior.

The temperatures dictate how much they will spend and can also drive their decisions when it comes to purchases, and in colder months, individuals are less apt to make a purchase.

When you get down to the trends, spring looks to be the best time of year to buy an automotive business. Between the push of the summer season, consumers are focusing on making prepping their vehicles for summer vacations and three-day weekends, making it an optimal time to invest.

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