Many new business owners turn to franchising because it’s an excellent opportunity to grow your business quickly. With a franchise, most business operations are pretty set in stone, meaning not much game-changing groundwork needs to be done ahead of time. However, making smart choices and avoiding potential pitfalls can make a huge difference to your franchise’s bottom line and overall success. Read about the six ways you can improve your odds in the auto center franchise industry.


1.      Choose the right business for you.

If you have chosen the route of owning your first automotive center franchise, you probably have some experience in the industry. But just because you have experience with cars doesn’t mean you should just pick a random franchise to grow into a full-fledged business. Of all the automotive center franchises, there are probably a few brands that provide the services you’re most interested in. If that’s the case, run with it. Don’t go into a business you won’t be proud of 10+ years down the road.


2.      Have a business plan.

Even if you are a franchise novice, setting up a business plan doesn’t have to be intimidating. Your business plan should include simple things, such as identifying and setting business goals, doing a financial projection for your first year in business, and any plans to hire and/or train your employees.


3.      Invest seriously in training.

If you’re purchasing a business franchise that has been established for several years, odds are you may be taking on its employees as well. The proper training can help ensure your employees have the necessary skills as well as knowledge to address any challenges that will most likely come during operation.


4.      Follow the system.

You probably chose a particular franchise because of its current successful operations. If you want to continue to be successful, you will need to learn that system. Coming into a new business and changing too many things at once can hinder your franchise’s profits and overall success. If you feel the need to make certain changes to your business’ operations, wait and think about your concerns at length so you can avoid making a potential rash error.


5.      Master your industry.

You may feel like a master, but never forget that there are always new things to learn as a business owner. Once your franchise is up and running, continue to find new ways to learn about your industry and how it’s changing. You could find local associations where members meet and share ideas, as well as find new ways to network with other local auto center business owners.


6.      Never quit marketing.

As a business owner, your job will always be to push the sales and marketing of your service. Once you’re settled into your business, you should immediately get your marketing out there in any way possible. You may choose to market online through advertising, or you can run promotions though your community. Whatever method you choose, be sure to analyze the effectiveness of each method, continue to use which method works best, and share your techniques with your network of franchisers. You’ll be sure to gain lasting business this way.


Take our word for it; as fellow small business owners, we understand what aspects and actions are important when first getting into the industry. If you follow these six crucial steps as you start down your path toward business ownership, you will find yourself light years ahead of the competition. The best advice: don’t forget to be prepared. And if you partner with AutoCenter Sales for the purchase of your first auto center franchise, we will work with you every step of the way, including providing important business and financing tips. Interested in any auto centers for sale in your area? Check out our current listings.