We’re so excited to introduce our new website, which we recently rolled out for AutoCenter Sales. We knew how important it is to provide accessible and reliable information, and we knew our former site wasn’t getting the job done. Wanting to enhance all aspects of our customers’ experiences, we decided an update was in order. Take a look around the newly improved website and check out some of the key features we focused on for the update.


Mobile Responsive

Because of the increasing role of smartphones, one of our top priorities for the new website was to make it mobile responsive. Now our customers are able to access our information from any platform, whether they’re using a desktop computer, tablet or a cellphone.


User Friendly

Another priority was creating a website that was user friendly for our visitors. With the newer design, customers can easily find the information they need. It also allows us to easily keep our content current in order to serve our customers best.


Easy Navigation

For the new site, we focused on creating effortless navigation so that our customers can easily move through the website as needed. Our top navigation bar is easy to see and easy to use, allowing customers to know where they currently are within the site and allowing them to easily identify where they may want to go next.


Beneficial Information

Wading through repetitive or unnecessary information to find what they’re looking for can be a frustrating experience for a customer. For the new website, we focused on providing the information we knew would help our customers have the best experience possible.


We hope you appreciate the updated website as much as we do. Make sure to check out the rest of it tell us what you think! And if you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us.