The auto industry is continuously affected by the current trends that are happening in our world. Between 2018 and 2019, the economy caused a shrink within the automotive sector, lessening the global demand.

The lockdowns caused auto sales to plummet, so here are some predictions for the 2022 year that may help boost some life back into the industry.

Reinvention Is in the Works

One of the first predictions will be every automaker having to move to a digital world.

This is based on leading competitors adding in more technology and digital capabilities through electric or connected services with cars.

The move will consist of adding in more software and working on personalized operating systems for next-generation automobiles.

Keeping It Online

The following predictor is the movement to retail auto sales online. With a pandemic prompting further shopping digitally, cars are no exception.

This means reduction of overhead on dealer showrooms in commercial real estate sectors and prices that are competitive for the market.

Social media influence will help to establish third-party bookings to give dealerships a survivability chance through this process.

Subscription to Drive

With Porsche expanding operations around vehicle subscriptions or leasing, there seems to be a trend going in this direction.

Vehicle swapping might seem like an appealing option for many, but having high rates for subscription fees could be a deterrent.

The alteration to this is that automakers will need to create a model for their business that covers the needs of the market but also offers affordable variations for the mass market.

Emphasis on Improvement

With the environmental issues, older populations, and the pandemic sparking the importance of health regarding automobiles, new agendas are being researched for greener options.

Features such as the ability to analyze pollution, seats that can massage the passenger, or air purification systems expect a 25% growth in this demand between 2019 and 2025.

 This will affect all aspects of the automobile field, including the buying and selling automotive business processes.

Environmentally Speaking

Electric vehicles continue to have an uprise in demand and make regulations on emissions and consumer preferences. The market is going to continue going in this direction.

In addition, the fuel cell electric vehicle has a more extended range than the traditional battery electric vehicle; They have a faster recharge rate and produce no emissions.

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